The original K80® ball hitch from Scharmüller made hitching implements to tractors easy and convenient. Significantly stronger than a classic tension bolt and suitable for high speeds above 50 km/h, its advantages speak for themselves. But even the most innovative system only lasts as long as its user allows. In the case of the K80® ball hitch, proper care is essential for a long service life. Check out the Scharmüller maintenance box in the GRANIT webshop now.

Our care tips


Cleanliness is key when using the K80® ball hitch. Before coupling, the ball and lubricating cross must be cleaned to remove any dirt or grease residues. The foam ring on the neck of the Scharmüller K80® ball also prevents the ingress of dirt and dust, and should be replaced regularly. Without it, dirt and lubricant could combine to form an abrasive paste that acts like sandpaper on the hardened surface.


Daily care of the K80® also includes careful lubrication. The ball hitch must be lubricated each time it is used. The functionality of central lubrication systems should also be checked regularly. With the right cover cap from Scharmüller, your customers can also protect their trailer hitch from dirt, stone chips or other damage when it is not in use.


Regular inspection of the hold-down device is also important when using the K80® ball hitch. If this device is not set correctly, this will result in uneven wear of the ball and ball socket. Worst case scenario: this can cause damage with negative support loads. Scharmüller recommends setting the clearance between the hold-down adjusting screw and the ball socket to a maximum of 0.5 mm.


With the Scharmüller maintenance box, your customers will have access to all the resources and test tools necessary for daily maintenance of the original K80® ball hitch.


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